Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be the photographer of our wedding or will you send another photographer?

Yes... I am the photographer of your wedding, the only way I sent to another photographer is that some serious emergency happens which I can't attend but as long as that doesn't happen I will be there to capture your big day. I always attend all the weddings I document. I also have a second photographer available if the client wishes, it is highly recommended for large weddings where there are quite a few guests.

If I want to sign a contract, how far in advance should we do it?

If I meet all the requirements you are looking for for that big day, right now :) The sooner the better, and if your wedding is for a highly sought-after date, it should be at least I would say a year before. Remember that professional photographers are highly recommended so clients are always looking for a way to have that person who documented that big day as soon as possible so as not to lose it and another client hires it.

Will we sign a contract?

Always. For every work done, a contract is made, it is the right way to establish a business with our client and stipulate every detail of what has been agreed.

What is the cost for wedding photography?

Prices vary between customer. Why? Simple because there are customers who only do a ceremony and a cocktail and that's it and there are those who make a complete wedding that includes from the preparation of the bride and groom, the ceremony & the reception that is approximately 7 hours or more.

If I don't want an album, only digital files. Is there a problem?

None, I have always considered that the most important thing is to have the photos of that great day that are of excellent quality. Now I tell you the importance of requesting the full service is that you will always have savings in what services are and that is crucial and more in these times. But if the budget is not enough, there is no problem as long as we have the photos, the album can be done later if you wish. :)

How do we book our wedding date?

The essential thing to book my services for your wedding is that the initial deposit is made for weddings of 7 hours or more, 20% of the total is required and for Small Weddings of 3 to 5 hours 50% is required. It's the only way I can tell other couples who are getting married that same day and want to hire me that the date is already busy.

Do you have weddings outside of Puerto Rico?

Of course! I love traveling and doing weddings in different places for me, photography can't be left alone where we live, you have to experiment and get to know new places. :) So count on me until the end of the world to document that great day.

Are travel expenses included in the price?

For weddings within the Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico if it is included. At weddings outside that area, prices vary depending on the distance. For weddings outside Puerto Rico, you will have to add the costs of travel, accommodation, meals, etc.

How can we hire you if we live far from Puerto Rico?

Well, there are very simple customers even who live in Puerto Rico that our communication is via Email or by video call on Skype. If you are determined to hire me because the contract thanks to technology is sent online and the signature is made electronically the same as the down payment can be via Paypal, Venmo, Credit Card, Check, Mobile Ath or Direct Deposit.

Where can we go to see you?

We can coordinate the appointment at a Starbucks or via Zoom, which is what is being used the most in these times. What do you tell me? :)

What if the place where I want to get married tells me that I can't take a photographer other than the ones they have on their list?

It is something that I find it unprofessional that you are required to hire certain photographers when you already have your photographer for communication and treatment. They are giving you how you are going to remember your wedding day. From my point of view, this is not only immoral, but also illegal, since it goes against the Competition Law, so it is best to talk about it clearly with them and show them the photos of the photographer you want to hire. (The truth is that I am ashamed of this issue.)

Do you make wedding videos?

Yes.. At the moment I am offering wedding video highlights for 3 to 4 minutes max to 8.

What is your style as a wedding photographer?

My photography style is modern but I will explain a little better about my style. What I love to do is capture feelings, emotions, be it laughter, tears of emotion or hugs. Weddings are a series of emotions that you should always be aware of where and when you click.

We don't know how to pose! Do we have to pose on our wedding day?

No, of course not. To be honest, weddings are quite a few hours, what we as photographers always ask for 15 to 20 minutes to do those poses that will make your photos sensational. Now I clarify it doesn't mean that the rest will not be what I mean is that here I have better control of the light, your direction etc. Personally, I recommend doing it: the poses I do are simple and easy and I think it is worth that little "effort" to be able to have those photos and when they least expect it they will be in the famous Toast. But I clarify that it is not mandatory, it is only recommended.

How many wedding photos do you deliver and in what format?

Guarantee all the photos with basic edition of color correction, contrast, white balance, etc., taking the photograph to a modern style as you have already seen in my work. The final photos are delivered in high-resolution Jpg format.

We want the guests to appear in our wedding photos as well, not just us. Is it possible?

Of course, it is part of my job to capture everything that happens around me. Always remembering that you are my protagonists and I will be more aware of you, that is, I am like your shadow throughout the day hahaha. I always need the help of someone from your family to show me the most important people to be aware and capture what you do and your emotions during the event.

What photographic equipment do you use on the wedding day? Do you have additional equipment?

I always carry 2 Sony cameras next to their lenses: 70-200 2.8 , 24-70mm, 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4, 3 to 4 Approximate Flash, Modifiers, transmitters, Stands, Extension tubes for the photos of the rings.

Do you do more than one wedding a day?

No! Weddings are a series of events where schedules can change, so I dedicate my day only for a wedding.

Do we need to hire a second photographer or can you just cover the wedding well?

I understand that if the wedding is 100 guests or more, you should request the service of second photographer but otherwise not.

Do you do other types of work besides wedding photography?

Yes, in addition to weddings, I do Quinceañeros, Birthdays, Models, Babies, Families among others.

How many wedding photos do you deliver in the gallery?

All photos edited with their correction of color, brightness, contrast, etc.

What is the delivery time for the wedding photos?

For the web gallery, the delivery time is a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks, although most of the time I deliver it in 1 or 2 weeks. For the album, a maximum of between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the time it takes to select the photos.

Do you deliver the digital negatives (RAW) from the wedding photos?

Definitely NOT.

Is it possible to choose the photographs that will be in the wedding album?

Of course, it is very important for me that the photos that you like the most are shown in that beautiful album.

How many photos does the album include with the wedding photos?

In the most popular album Premium 10x10 Square from 50 to 60 Photos

Do you retouch the wedding photographs?

Yes, all the photos I give you are worked to make that album look spectacular.

Can we print the photos of the wedding you give us?

Of course, all the wedding photos are in high resolution. You can make a poster if you wish.

How can you take photos of the groom's and girlfriend's preparations at the same time?

There is no magic! The trick is to determine, from the schedules of the Beauty bride, makeup, delivery of the bouquet, etc. What time do I have to be with my boyfriend? He will have to get dressed a little earlier than he will if it wasn't for the photographer haha or hire our second shooter service.

Do we have to include a plate of food for you and one for your assistant?

For weddings of 5 hours or more, the meal vendor is recommended, otherwise you would have to go out to look for food and this can cause delays in your activity. Our work requires a lot of attention and well, in an event like this we are constantly drinking a lot of water and we need to eat to continue working 100% unless you want me to faint in the middle of your wedding hahaha but I don't think it's a good idea. So far I have not had any problems with customers because of this issue.

What happens if the camera, flash or lens is damaged during the wedding?

I go with 2 cameras, 3 flashes and several professional-level lenses.

Will you sell photos to the guests during the wedding?

No... Not even as a joke

Are you staying until the dance?

All this will depend on the contracted service and the number of hours. If you want me to stay longer, you can hire overtime that same day.

Where do we take the outdoor photos on the wedding day?

They are usually done in the surroundings, such as gardens, streets, structures where the ceremony or reception is held. The session tends to last about 20 minutes (you have to do it quickly, because my partners usually prefer to be with the guests), but if they feel like it and there is time you can go wherever they want and as much time as they want.

What is the First Look session?

It is a first meeting of the bride and groom, just before the ceremony, usually already in the place where the ceremony is going to be held and dresses for the wedding. You can also choose an intermediate place that is on the way. Sometimes the bride and groom are separated by some element that prevents them from being seen, but that allows them to appear in the photos at the same time, at other times the groom is blindfolded and only the bride can see him. There are several possible combinations.

What is an engagement photo shoot (Love Story)?

It is a photo shoot of maximum duration 1 to 2 hours that takes place a few weeks or months before the wedding day. In it, the couple who are going to get married must kiss, hug and go hand in hand among other natural poses.

Is it important or necessary to do a pre-wedding photo shoot (Love Story)?

If it really works for something, it is to get to know each other better, and so when the wedding day arrives we have the feeling that we are friends for years hahaha. Although this sometimes happens without having done pre-wedding, the truth is.

There are colleagues who say that it is also good for the bride and groom to get used to the camera.

¿Qué es una sesión de fotos post-boda (Trash the Dress)?

Lo mismo que una pre-boda, pero vestidos igual que el día de la boda y en una fecha posterior a la boda.

Where is a pre-wedding or post-wedding photo shoot done?

Wherever you want. They can be made in urban areas, in gardens, on beaches, rivers, etc.

Thank you for your time, now you know how I work and you can request my services by clicking on the link below!